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An original research paper about sick sinus syndrome written by Dr. Keisuke Abe, previously our MD-PhD course student, has just been accepted by Circulation:Arrhythmia Electrophysiology.

Abe K, Machida T, Sumitomo N, Yamamoto H, Ohkubo K, Wanatabe I, Makiyama T, Fukae S, Kohno M, Harrell DT, Ishikawa T, Tsuji Y, Nogami A, Watabe T, Oginosawa Y, Abe H, Maemura K, Motomura H, Makita NSodium channelopathy underlying familial sick sinus syndrome with early onset and predominantly male characteristics. Circ Arrhythm Electrophysiol. 2014; 7: 511-517   (pdf)


Dr. Keisuke Abe was a previous MD-PhD student, who graduated from Nagasaki University in March 2013. He is currently doing residency at the Japanese Red Cross Asashikawa Hospital.

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