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Daniel Toshio Harrell, Ph.D Student

Research Interest

I am doing research toward understanding the genetic cause of cardiac arrhythmic syndromes such as Brugada, Long QT, and Short QT syndromes. If we can find these mutations in combination to their clinical spectrum, we can create methods to predict heart abnormalities before it results in Sudden Death.

I also work with a group at the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center(Suita, Japan) to simulate the cause of re-entry in the Purkinje Fiber System.


I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2009 where I studied Electrical Engineering with a focus in embedded systems and software development.

For my senior design project, I developed a Biometrics kit for the One Laptop per Child. The kit included an electrocardiogram, body temperature thermometer, heart rate monitor, and pulse oximeter. This kit was designed to be a mobile, low-cost educational tool for children in 3rd world countries. This project sparked an interest into cardiology and medical instrumentation. With the combination of my engineering education and future studies in cardiac electrophysiology, I hope to create proactive environment to cardiac health.

From January 2010 to August 2011, I was a Software Test Engineer at Hewlett Packard. My team was responsible for the development of HP Support Assistant. I developed test plans and conducted all manual testing for my team.


  • BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering (University of Texas at Austin ’09)
  • PhD in Medical Science (Nagasaki University-Graduate school of Biomedical Science ’18)


  1. Harrell DT, Ashihara T, Ishikawa T, Tominaga I, Mazzanti A, Takahashi K, Oginosawa Y, Abe H, Maemura K, Sumitomo N, Uno K, Takano M, Priori SG, Makita N. Genotype-dependent difference in age of manifestation and arrhythmia complication in short QT syndrome. Int J Cardiol. 2015;190:393-402. (pdf) (Supplement)
  2.  Nevin Alex Jacob, Vysakh Pillai, Sandeep Nair, Prithviraj, Daniel Toshio Harrell, Rick Delhommer, Burton Chen, Isaac Sanchez, Vicki Almstrum, and Sundar Gopalan. “Low-Cost Remote Patient Monitoring System Based on Reduced Platform Computer Technology”   Telemedicine and e-Health. September 2011, 17(7): 536-545. doi:10.1089/tmj.2011.0017.

Posters Sessions

  1.  Daniel Toshio Harrell, Takashi Ashihara, Ichiko Tominaga, Keisuke Abe, Naokata Sumitomo, Kikuya Uno, Makoto Takano, Naomasa Makita. “Electrophysiological Characteristics and in-silico Simulations of K Channel Mutations Responsible for Short QT Syndrome”,   HD Physiology Symposium 2013 Date: June 29, 2013  Poster
  2. Daniel Toshio Harrell, Ichiko Tominaga, Keisuke Abe, Taichi Watabe, Yasushi Oginosawa, Haruhiko Abe, Naokata Sumitomo, Kikuya Uno, Makoto Takano, Naomasa Makita. “Clinical Manifestations and Electrophysiological Characteristics of K Channel Mutations Responsible for Short QT Syndrome”,     Heart Rhythm Society 2013 Date: May 10, 2013  Poster


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