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Yukiomi Tsuji, Lecturer


I received my Medical Degree from Kanazawa University School of Medicine in 1992. Afterwards, my residency was done at Nagoya Daini Red Cross Hospital with a specialty in cardiology.  As a graduate student at Research Institute of Environmental Medicine(RiEM), Nagoya University, I began my research toward finding the mechanisms that cause lethal arrhythmias and the cause of sudden cardiac death.  My work has taken me to the Montreal Heart Institute in Canada, the Utrecht University Medical Center’s Department of Physiology in The Netherlands(Dr. Stanley Nattel), and Essen Duiburg University.  Most recently, I worked at University of Heidelberg Faculty of Medicine in Mannheim, Germany(Dr. Dobromir Dobrev). As ofApril 2013, I joined the the Department of Molecular Physiology, where I will use my previously established animal model to reproduce the pathology and cause of fatal and complicated ventricular arrhythmia such as electrical storms.(link to project)


  • MD (Kanazawa University School of Medicine ’92)
  • PhD in Medical Science(Nagoya University School Research Institute of Environment Medicine ’01)


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